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The Neuropathy program is a 90-day treatment plan specifically designed to treat your needs. During treatment, you’ll get daily tips on improving neuropathy symptoms through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Dr. Andy tailors the program to you, so your body can start re-educating nerves. He even offers dietary supplements that can improve nerve health and allow damage nerves to heal. By the end of your program, neuropathy pain should be drastically decreased, or gone altogether.

Neuropathy is a series of conditions that impact the way nerves send and receive messages with your brain, spinal cord, and the rest of your body. When you have neuropathy, these nerves are damaged, diseased, or completely destroyed. Mononeuropathy occurs as an issue with a single peripheral nerve, such as with carpal tunnel syndrome. This type of neuropathy can also impact your hands, arms, knees, feet, and calves. You may experience pain in one, or many of these areas.

It’s also quite common to have widespread neuropathy, in which you have multiple peripheral nerves that are damaged and malfunction all at the same time. This type of neuropathy, called polyneuropathy, is often caused by diabetes. But men and women who have poor diets, a vitamin B deficiency, kidney disease, cancer, or who abuse alcohol, can also suffer from severe polyneuropathy pains. Because the pain with any type of neuropathy can be severe, you probably experience weakness as well.

Similar to the weight loss program, we start off with a 45-60 minute seminar/webinar, where we will show you a pre-education video on what could be happening in your body. Shortly there after, you are given the option to sign up for our $87 evaluation with Dr. Shanti, where he will run a few tests to check your level of sensitivity. From there, Dr. Shanti will look over your results and then prescribe a version of the neuropathy program that fits you best. 

Call or email us for our upcoming seminar and webinar dates. We'd like to help relieve the pain that may be stopping you from living your best life. 

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