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Our gut health program is a comprehensive 75 day program that will help to heal your gut and restore the microbiome. Leaky gut syndrome is a condition that involves damaged lining of the small intestine, causing incomplete digested nutrients, toxins, bacteria, and waste to "leak" through the intestines and flood the bloodstream. The foreign substances entering the blood can cause an autoimmune response in the body, including inflammatory and allergic reactions, such as respiratory and digestive issues, headaches, joint pains, skin conditions, and more.

 When we talk about healing the gut and restoring the microbiome, we like to use the example of rebuilding a house that has once caught on fire. When a house is on fire you wouldn't think to call the carpenters first, The only thing on your mind would be to get in touch with the first department. Same thing with us. Our house protects our external bodies just as the microbiome is the "house" that protects the microbes in our internal body. 

The first phase of our gut healing protocol is called: Extinguish and Seal. Just as if a home was on fire, the first thing we need to do is extinguish the flames, and wet down some areas of the house so that it will be harder for the flames to spread. Some of the things that may be responsible for starting the fire in our gut would be: Parasites, candida, food sensitivities, etc., and we must get rid or or "extinguish" those because we can seal any gaps that may have developed in out gut lining. 

We go about doing this by implementing an elimination diet, which will help food sensitivities and intolerances to get under control. We have to remove everything in the body that will block nutrient absorption and we must then seal your gut before detoxing and clearing out the debris. 

Once everything is removed and sealed, you would the move into the second phase of our program, and going back to our burning house example, that means we would begin to remove the debris from the area. We use a formulation of antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients designed to support a healthy response to environmental toxins, especially heavy-metal toxicity. We want to make sure we detox any invasions that can further damage the gut. 

Next, we'd call in the carpenters, and get to work with the rebuilding, which rolls us into phase three. The carpenters we're calling in are the beneficial bacteria, which includes the extensively studied HBN019 strand of bifidobacterium lactis. From there, we will balance the acidity of the stomach with hydrochloric acid and glutamic acid, which are necessary for the adequate absorption of protiens, calcium, B vitamins, and iron. 

In this program, you will receive everything you need to complete your 75 day, Trust Your Gut plan. Prices vary based on what the doctor prescribes to you after looking at your medical history, and the results of some tests Dr. Shanti will run with you if you decide to join us. 

Please call or email us to schedule a seminar/webinar. We hope to hear from you soon!

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